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Sheikh Amin Bin Abdur Rehman

Qutab-ul-Aqtab (The Light-house of the light-houses) Hazrat Hafiz Sheikh Muhammad Amin Bin Abdul Rehman Al-Madni lived in Madina, Saudi Arabia, for sixty years. He was Imam at Masjid An-Noor for thirty years. He came to Pakistan in the late '80s and lived in Karachi for 12 years. Later on, he migrated to Multan (Madinat-ul-Aulia) around 1995. He resides in the Hujra-381, New Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony. He is one of the Noblest saints of this time. He belongs to Idrisi Silsila whose roots are found in Northern Africa and Arabia. This saint has introduced the Idrisi Tareeqah in Pakistan [1].

He has established meeting-centers for Silent Zikr (Zikr-e-Khafi) in all cities of Pakistan. As a tradition of all Aulia Karam, he is capable of inducing the most intense love for the Last Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon Him) in his followers [2].

He asks his followers to always remain busy in sending blessings to the Messenger (silent recitation of Darood). The love of the Prophet of Islam is the basis of this silsila.

Tassawuf is mostly about subjective realities, an understanding of which requires a change of perception - a softening of heart. It is all about heart-to-heart matters and that is why it demands silence. Shaikh Amin provides a link to the sea of Allah's Anwaar (Enlightenment) and Tajalliyaat (special blessings) in the spirit of the Prophet of Islam that can only be experienced first-hand by creating a spiritual affinity with him.

Idrisia Tareeqa is a spiritual lineage linked to the Prophet Hadhrat Muhammad. This spiritual lineage is famous in Egypt, Sudan and Arabia.


[1] Tareeqah or Tassawuf deals in those dimensions of reality where space and time does not really matter, therefore, if someone criticizes on the root location of Silsila i.e., Africa, he or she does not know how Tareeqah works at all.

[2] We must keep in mind that triggering the Ishq-e-Mustaffa, or, Love of the Prophet, Peace be upon Him, is not a self-directed and personal journey. For awakening of this Ishq, one must contact those whose Ishq-e-Mustafa has already awaken. It is exactly like the candle which cannot be lit without the other burning candle. They are those whose attention (or Nigah) is capable of initiating this Ishq in a pupil. This becomes a chain, or Silsila which traces directly to The Prophet, Peace be upon Him. Therefore, without the help of a Wali of the time, you can be muslim, but you can never be a Momin. Faith is also not self-attained treasure, it is gifted by those who already have the gift of Faith in their hearts.



FATIMAH = ALI IBN ABI TALIB --> al-Hasan (d. 49/699-70)--> al-Hasan -->Abd Allah, al-kaamil, al-mahd --> Idris, the founder of Idrisi dynasty in Fez (d 175/ 791) --> Idris (d. 213/828) -->
Muhammad (d. 221/836) --> Ali Haydara --> Ahmed Mizwar --> Isa --> Hurma --> Ali --> Abu Bakr

-> Mashish -> Yamlah -> Muhammad -> Abd al-Jabbar -> Ahmad -> Umar -> Ibrahim -> Abd Allah -> Muhammad -> Ahmad -> Ali -> Muhammad -> Idris -> Ahmad al-Mashishi al-Yamlahi al-Hasani.

Hazrat Ahmad Bin Idris, the Moroccan mystic and teacher, is one of the seminal figures of Islam in the nineteenth century. Through his preachings, prayers and litanies, his students and their students, he has exercised an enduring influence that stretches from North Africa east to Malaysia and Indonesia, north to Southern Yugoslavia and Istanbul and south along the East African coast. In North East Africa, his influence was specially profound through such students as Muhammad b. Ali al Sanusi, Muhammad Uthman Al-Mirghani and Ibrahim al-Rashid. Two states of the region, Libya and Somalia, are at least in part of creations of the traditions associated with him. In the Sudan, the brotherhood, the Khatmiyya, established by al-Mirghani continues to play a major role in the politics of divided country.

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Another Introduction from

''Muhammad Ameen bin Abd-ur-Rahman'' ''Qutab-ul-Aqtaab" is a Sufi Shaikh. In the past, he spent most of his time in Madina Saudi Arabia, and he is now based in Multan, a city in southern Punjab Pakistan. The number of his followers is in millions. He Resides at Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony in New Multan(Multan). He belongs to the Idreesia (also spelt Idrissia) order of Sufism which originated in North Africa and the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt) as compared with the Iranian-Indian orders and stems of Sufism which have been traditionally popular in Pakistan. He is The Sheikh of the Time Now for Muslims. Shaikh Ameen's methods of initiating followers into his Sufi discipline include the Love for God & Love for his Prophet Muhammad through Zikr / Darood Khafi or silent recital. Idrissia is mostly spelled as Idrisia in Modren Western Literature. Imam Ahmad Idrisi [real name Ahmad Ibn Idris Al-Fasi] was the founder of this sufi order. The spiritual authority of Idrisia is mainly deriven through well recorded narration from Imam Idris where he was given Awrad (sufi chantings) by Khidhar (a legenadry personality in Abrahamic Religions) in the presence of Muhammad {SalAllaho Alaihi waSallam}. It is also narrated, in the same spiritual encounter, that Muhammad {SalAllaho Alaihi waSallam} became the Direct Guardian of Idrisi Sufi Tradition. Sheikh Amin Bin Abdurr Rehman attained his spiritual training various Mashiakh (Sufi Masters) including Qadriyya and Naqsh Bandia but settled for an Idrisi Shiekh in Yemen. He spent later part of his youth in Modern Saudia, specifically Hijaz. He migrated to Pakistan after political instability in Saudia in late 1970s. He has a sizeable number of followers.


  1. Al Shaikh Al Hafiz Syedi Amin bin Abdul Rahman at 381-A Shah Rukne Alam Colony New Multan is the easiest link in this age to the sea of God's anwaar and tajalliyaat on the spirit of the Last Prophet, which can be experienced by any heart that makes contact with his. He therefore induces the strongest love for the Prophet in his followers. He advises his followers to always remain busy in recitation of darood shareef and strictly follow sharia.
    His love for the Last Prophet is so strong that it is automatically induced in a person sitting in his company.
    The noor that is induced in a person's heart in his blessed company forms a basis for istikhara for that person in his day-to-day life. This noor is tauheed's essence in that it provides a source of recognition and negation of the ungodly and affirmation of the Godly throughout life. He would thus not only teach tauhid, but would make one drink on Tauhid if one creates spiritual alignment and affiliation with him to share his spirituality and God's blessings on him.
    He has formed circles of silent zikr (halqas) in almost all cities of pakistan, where darood and qul (surah Ikhlaas) are recited on beads on a daily basis.
    Everything he says and does is in complete accordance with sharia. Women, for instance, cannot meet him in this physical world and can only keep spiritual contact with him through their male relatives.
    He is a Shaikh-i-Kamil, whose blessed company can change a life in a single sitting. A rightly-oriented receptive heart would feel God's blessings on him in the first eye-contact. Anyone who lets his heart come in contact with his, can feel the spiritual power he is blessed with.
    It is most likely that people of today may not have seen a more noorani face and personality than Shaikh Amin's on the physical side of the earth. He is charismatic in the purest and most thorough sense of the word and his personality seems to belong to Quroon-i-Oola (the early ages of Islam). He is blessed with a qudrati rang (a natural colour, a pristine originality) in his talk and actions.
    Syedi Amin's Shaikh was the famous Hanafi scholar and Idrisi Shaikh of Arabia, Shaikh Muhammad al-Mulla. Syedi Amin was the Imam of a mosque in Medina before coming to Pakistan in the 80s.
    Shaikh Amin's sincerity of purpose is evident from the fact that he is working for Silsila Idrisia in a country (Pakistan) where this silsila was not known at all before him. It is one of his karamats that he has been able to spread his silsila in a country where reference to Silsila Idrisia could mean no reference at all as far as general knowledge is concerned.--Burhan

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  3. God's Noor reflected by the Prophet's heart, reflected in turn by the Shaikh's heart, reflected in turn by the Murid's heart--this is Sufism, Tariqat, the essence of Islam

  4. Shaikh kay gird hala hay Noor ka
    Aks-e-Allah kabhi Aks-e-Aqa kabhi
    "There is a halo of light around the Shaikh, which sometimes shows a reflection of God (i.e. His Reflected Light, Noor), and sometimes a reflection of His Messenger".

    This is one of my favourite Manaqib-cum-Naats and one of the the most beautiful tafaseer of "Allahu Nooru Samawat-i-wal Ard" that I have ever come across. According to Ayat-i-Noor, there is a halo of God's Light around the earth and the heavens, which are therefore full of potential moments of intimate experience of God. But just as every man is Abdullah, but still a real Abdullah is hard to find, so it is with this halo of Light, which is there throughout the universe but is realised only rarely and that too mostly in the company of God's friends, the Aulia-Allah.

    Claritas can be described as a kind of radiance whereby the true heart of a thing is revealed. Syedi Amin is blessed with claritas to an exceptional degree due to his connection with Rasul-Allah and the resulting intimacy with God. This is hala (or halo) that we are talking about here.

    The reflection of God here means an epiphanic moment of intimacy with God, a tajali, which changes the whole atmosphere of Syedi Amin's mehfil, with the addition of a kind of Raub to it (in the Urdu sense of the word and not the Arabic with the alphabets ray, ain, bay), and as I have written earlier that Sufism is about God's Light being reflected by Himself, which is then reflected by the pure heart of His Messenger, then by the purified heart of the Shaikh, and then by the purified heart of a Murid, a reflection of Syedi Rasul-Allah is also visible sometimes in such epiphanic moments. It is ultimately through Rasul-Allah that we realise Allah's blessings, and also His full-of-blessing presence (Sal-Allahu alaihay wasalam).

  5. Silsila Idrisia, as conveyed to us by Syedi Al-Shaikh Al-Hafiz Amin bin Abdul Rahman, accords finality in spiritual and theological matters, after the word of God, to the Last of the Prophets (Sal-Allahu alaihay wasalam), whose place nobody else can ever take.

    Things of tariqat can never be adequately described in words, but to convey some idea of the consonance of Syedi Amin’s spirituality with Sharia, let me give an example: Those followers of Syedi whose spiritual connection with him is refreshed by a visit to his Mehfil in Multan or a Mehfil held under his direction in any city of the world, get awakened for Salat-i-Fajar without any external clock alarm, etc.

    In fact, at least for a few days after visiting him in Multan, one is transported to a state of profound mental and spiritual peace in which troubles of the world look as petty as they really are, and the only worry is to save oneself from things prohibited in Islam.

  6. There are also many external indications of this Silsila’s thoroughly and intensely Islamic orientation:

    ~The Mehfils that I just mentioned are arranged in almost all cities of Pakistan and also in many cities throughout the world, where Darood-i-Ibrahimi’s first part and Surah Ikhlas are daily recited thousands of times on beads.

    ~The basic daily wazaif, included in Ahad (oath), necessary for initiation into the Silsilah, include Ayatal Kursi (three times), La Ilaha Il-Allah (100 times), Sal-Allahu alaihay wasalam (100 times), Allah, Allah (100 times, silently), AstaghfirUllah (100 times) and La Ilaha Il-Allahu Muhammadu Rasul-Allah-e-fi kul-i-lamhatin-wa-nafasin adada ma wasiahu IlmUllah (10 times). The oath, administered either by the Shaikh himself or a person deputed by him, requires of a person not to deliberately stop reciting these wazaif once a day without excuse. In addition, Syedi also emphasizes recitation of Subhan-Allah-i-wa-bi-HamdeHi Subhan-Allah-il-Azeem (100 times each after Fajr and Maghrib prayers or at least 100 times a day).

    ~ Sal-Allahu alaihay wasalam is the most basic wazifa of this Silsila, which the Idrisis are encouraged to recite daily in thousands, hundreds of thousands or if possible (by a special spiritual grace made available to some followers of this Silsila) even in millions or billions; (just imagine how many blessings of God would these people be receiving).

    ~As many as 500 to 1000 people visit Syedi’s place on weekdays and the number multiplies many times on weekends, but care is taken that no disturbance is caused to the neighbours: an internal sound system is used for the lectures and Naats while the loudspeaker is used only for Azan, and the brothers are prohibited from frequenting the neighbourhood or the market in groups. Only in exceptional cases, the visitors are allowed to stay for more than three days.

    ~While the Syedi’s residence at 381-A, Shah Rukn-i-Alam Colony, New Multan has undergone only minor changes during his last 14 years in the city, the adjacent mosque devoted to visitors has developed into a massive 80- to 90-foot tall structure with four huge halls one above the other, where langar (free food) is available three times a day. The ground hall is used for prayers and Mehfils only, while the other halls are also used for eating and sleeping by visitors. Contributions are voluntary (although those who have FELT Syedi Amin would feel fortunate to be given the chance of sacrificing everything in their possession for him).

    ~The guests are advised to stay at the Mosque with the niyat of Aitekaf whenever they visit Syedi.

    ~Brothers are encouraged to keep meeting each other and take special care of those attached with the Silsila.

    ~Women can only meet Syedi’s wife in the physical world, and can maintain only spiritual connection with Syedi through their male relatives. His standard of purdah (veil) can be imagined by the statement he once made that he feels ghairat even if a jooti (open sandal or shoe) of his wife is seen lying somewhere by a brother.

  7. I am Rizwan.

    Hafiz Sheikh Amin is reall man and he is spreading the massage of Prphet s-a-w. one thing which i want to say in urdu coz many of people cant understand in english.

    yeh buzurg aur allah k nek bande ha jinke wajha se hamara mulk aub tak bacha hua ha. khudara agar ap acha nahe keh sakte tu bura b na kahe.


  8. AOA...Janab jo log Shaikh Hafiz Amin Bin Abdur Rahman k baaray me kuch galat soch rahay hai ya kah rahay hai wo sirf itna soch lay k ye raah e Tareeqat hai jo na har kisi ko samajh aati hai aur na Allah is Naimat se har kisi ko nawazta hai...jab banda sachay dil se is raah me aata hai aur uspe faiz k darwazay khultay hai to phr usko sab samajh aata hai...Aur Allah karay k hm sab pe Allah k karam Aur Nabi (S.A.W.W) ki nazar se faiz k darwazay khul jaye...Phr Hm sabko pata chalay ga k Sheikh Amin kon hai aur ham kis hasti k baaray mai galat aur behoda baatain kar rahay thay...wese b Insan ko kisi aur pe ungli uthanay se phlay ye soch lena chahiye k wo khud kia hai...Huzoor S.A.W.W ne to Kaafir ko bhi Kaafir khnay se mana farmaya hai aur ye to wo Aashiq e rasool (S.A.W.W) hai k hum jese karoro arbo log unke pao ki dhool bhi nahi hai...Khudara in sab tafarukay wali bato se bachay aur jis tarah Rizwan ne kaha k aap kisi ko acha nahi kah skte to kisi ko bura b na kahay...q k aapko nahi pata hota k kis banday ka Allah aur uske Rasool (S.A.W.W) se kia tal'lluq hai...khudara khud bhi sudhar jaye aur dosray logo ko bhi ishtial angaiz baatain kar k mat bahkaye...hmari qaum ki yehi burai hai k hm kisi baat ko sochay smjhay bagair uski tahqeeq kiye bagaiar aagaya phela daitay hai aur bus usme khaamiyan nikalna shoro kar dete hai aur yehi wajah hai k hm pe Allah ka azaab Mukhtalif shakalo me naazil ho raha hai...khudara khud bhi in gunaho se bachay aur koi aisi baat na karay jisse aapka logo se ikhtilaaf ho...
    Furqan Hussain

    1. Send me name of website of sheikh's taleem

  9. Meri sheikh ke tamam karkun hazrat se guzarish hai k khudara haqekat ko samjhane ki kosish karan aur afsaniwi baton se toba karan,ankhan band kr ke kisi ki baat ko allah nabi ki taraf se kahi gai baat maan lena kon se akal mandi ahi?????for god sake do not misguide the muslim ummah...Aik banda-e-Khuda

  10. What the hell you talking about lala. SHEIKH sahab ko smjhna ap jesy aam aadmi ka kam ni ha. ALI.

  11. People are not dumb that they are getting attracted to Sheikh Amin Sahib and his beautiful teaching, a lot of educated people are Mureed of Sheikh Amin. So anybody thought why.....
    When you visit a doctor, it is not the doctor's education and degrees that convinces somebody to go again, but his treatment and the benefits you recieve from his medicine....
    You cant be healed if you dont take the pill or you dont behave according to doctors specifications.

  12. asslam o alikom
    meri guzarish un tamam logon se he jo silsila idressia ko galat samjtee hein.
    khudara khudara khudara kissi b batt ko uss waqat t ak galat na kehein jab tak app un se jurte nahi heein.
    logon ki samaj meein ye kun nahi aata ke shaeik sahab ki waja se lakhoon log puri dunia mein drood or namazz mein lag gaein hein. jin logon ko iss silsle ke phelne se problam hoti he wo hassad or bugz karne ki bejaye khud kuch kar k dekhayeein. kun k frad dokha kehne se koi app ko b accha nahi samje ga.batt to tab he k shek sahib ne to khalkat ko appna dewana bana leya he ar app ko to app ke appne b accha nahi samjtte .kindly app se meri ye guzarish he k app batt karne se pehle kam iz kam aik martba ye zaroor sooch liya karein k app keh kia raheein heein.
    MUHAMMAD SAWS irshad pak he k
    akssar log zuban ki waja se jahanam meein jaein ge
    allha haffiz

  13. Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters
    Please free your minds from the spell of devil and please try to concentrate for sometime on what you are doing here over the internet just spreading hatred, what else all of us done here except for blaming each other, can any one tell me about any ALAM, PEER or teacher of Islam on whom there exists no Blame, can anyone tell please whether he is Sunni, Shiite, Whabi, deobandi, barelvi or any other Muslim, Can you give me one example Please.
    I can show you that everyone has been blamed you name someone and I will show you where, when and how he is blamed.

    Please come out of this and stop making fun of ourselves.

    Do anyone of us know that who is putting these comments he maybe a ant-Muslim maybe a qadyiani or anyone. Remember that they have more knowledge of Quran and Hadith than we Muslims have and they know how to destroy us by creating these fitnas and we have examples in the past don’t we remember how they broke Ottoman’s Empire.

    Please stop abusing each other no one of us is perfect we only have limited knowledge of Quran and hadith.

    Those of us ho are blaming Sheikh sb or any other Alim should first vist these ulama spend sometime with them understand their teachings and then make comments.

    Do you know what Prophet(P.B.U.H) said “ Fitna is more than murder”, are all of us doing murder over murder.

    I am also a student of Sheikh Sahib from Multan and that is what I have learnt in short time I have spent with him.

    Those of you who want to know about him please visit him in Multan and then make comments, Listen to all his lectures and then make coments. Those who have put teachings over internet are incomplete and out of context. Listen to those full volumes and you will come to know that he Claims himself nothing other than a GHULAM of Prophet(P.B.U.H) and only thing Shieikh Sb is trying to do is to eliminate the sects in Islam and return to true Islam which many other scholars of time are also doing.
    Can anyone produce a single Line in which Skeikh sb has ever claimed prophethood?No you can’t because he is one of the greatest believers and lovers of HAZARAT MUHAMMAD MUSTAF (SALAY ALLLAH HO ALIHAY WASALM),and he has many lectures on Qadiyanis and has great disrespect and hatred for Mirza Ghulam Ahmed(MAY ALLAH’s CURSE BE UPON HIM) and all other liars who have claimed prophet hood.

    But may point is not clarifying what is being done (FITNA) on internet because people have not even Forgiven ALLAH nor they have forgiven prophets nor they have forgiven Ulama.
    Who ever is running these web-sites like yanbi and all other please tell me who are your teachers and that’s what they have tought .If you are on truth give me their names, I will tell you what people say about them. Give me the names of your teachers.

    Please all Muslim brothers and sisters for God Sake avoid this, concentrate on basics your Namaz,Zakat,Roza,Hajj,Tauheed.
    Please don’t try to portray yourself as Alamis(including me) as it is TAKABAR and all of us know that TAKABAR belongs only to ALLAH and all of us will be killed and destroyed upon committing such a huge sin.

    Please come out of this and stick to basics i.e NAMAZ ,ROZA.HAJJ ZAKAT TAUHEED.

  14. Masjid Abdul Rahim Uwaiza, Hara Manshiyah, located on the road to Masjid-i-Nabvi's Bab-u-Salaam. This is the mosque where Al-Shaikh Al-Hafiz Syedi Amin bin Abdul Rahman was Imam for 20 years before coming to Pakistan.

  15. In a book ("Ziarat-i-Nabi bahalat-i-baidari" by Abdul Majid Siddiqui), I noticed Silsila Idrisia written as "Silsila Idrisia Shadhlia". Hazrat Ahmad bin Idris did have mashaikh in Silsila Shadhlia (Shaazlia)(e.g. Shaikh Tazi whose Shaikh was Shaikh Dabbagh), but his direct spiritual relationship with Syedna Rasul-Allah resulted in an independent Silsila Idrisia. Silsila Idrisia gave rise to so many other Silsilas (like Sanusiya, Rashidiya, etc.) that now 80 per cent of the Silsilas in North Africa are reported to be influenced by Silsila Idrisia.

    Silisila Idrisia is thus historically connected with Syedna Rasulullah through Silsila Shadhlia.

    The silsila of the Shadhili order is as follows:

    Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (Sal-Allahu alaihay wasalam)
    Ali ibn Abi Talib (Razi-Allahu anhu)
    Hasan al-Basri
    Habib al-‘Ajami
    Dawud al-Ta’i
    Ma‘ruf al-Karkhi
    Sari al-Saqati
    Abul Qasim al-Junayd
    Abu Bakr al-Shibli
    Abu Faraj ‘Abd al-Wahhab al-Tamimi
    Abul Faraj al-Tartusi
    Abul Hasan ibn ‘Ali Yusuf
    Sa‘id al-Mubarak
    Abdul-Qadir Gilani
    al-Ghawth Abu Madyan
    ‘Abd al-Rahman al-‘Attar al-Zayyat
    Abdeslam Ben Mshish
    Abu-l-Hassan ash-Shadhili

    Hazrat Abul Hasan Shadhili belonged to the 13th Century.

    For more information about Silsila Idrisia's connection with Silsila Shadhliya:

  16. copy the link to address box and click on "Go" to open the page

  17. Asslam alukum,
    me to want to write some thing here,
    such ko jutlany waly bohat hoty hain maghar such such hi hota ha.chand hamish chand hi rahy gha koi many ya na many,or wasy b ALLAH jisy chahy hadayat naseeb kary, kabi kabi sub saf saf nazar aanay ka bawajood insan khuda ko nahi mannty,or jo khuda ko manny wala ho ossay kasy maan sakty hain. ALLAH hum sab ko sida rasta Dikhay, Baskah oss ki rahmatin or azmatin lamahdood hain, or us ka mahboob Rahmatallil Allamin. tu jis par onn ki nazar hoo ossay koi Na mannay. ya kasay momkin.

  18. Sheikh Shab is waqat haqeqat ma allah or nabi g PUBH ka massager ha or mari request ha un bahion sa jo nay hay wo internet pay jo sheikh shab ka baray ma batay ki jati hay un per bulkul yaqeen na karay balkay khud sheikh shab sa milay phir dood ka dood ho jea gay jab nabi pak sa islam ki taleem dani choro ki thi tu sab app ko bora bala kahtay thay same condition yaha bi hay wahabi or duabandi kafar log sheikh shab ka baray ma ghalat bayani sa kam lay rahay hay or mari is silsalay sa realated bahion sa request hay kay internet pay barthay hoya is kam ko khatam karnay ka lea immadietly action lea jea.
    Hafiz Umer

  19. Apni Kushkismati K hum hain MUHAMMAD WALY


  20. i love my syede ge . sheikh sahib ne mujy Allaha pak aur NABI KARIM s.A.A.w ke qurb ka rasta dikhaya hy .HMY piare syede gee se bot faiz mila ha . SHEIKH AMIN SAHIB AIK KAMIL MURSHID HAIN.

  21. i love sydi sarkar.aanch aye na sheikh ko mere khuda(aameen).hum sydi g k kutty hain inshallah gustakh-e-Muhammad o Sheikh ko katain gy inshallah... sydi g k bary me bkwas na karo NABEEL HARAMI

  22. i joined silsila-e-idreesia in 2008.
    we have a link we post new taleem sharif by SYDINA HAZRAT HAFIZ SHEIKH MUHAMMAD AMIN MADNI (R.A)on this link





  25. Hey of wonder listen...mera naam Omer hai main Daska mein rehta ho jo Sialkot ke tahseel hai.mera taluq Ahle Hadees ke jamat Jamat ud dawa aur lashkar ay taiba say tha main bachpan say he Masjid Mukaram mein jata tha jo Pasroor Road Daska par hai aa kar dekh sakty ho waha k khateeb Abdul bari meray ustaad b hai wo aisi speech daitay thay k banday ka jihad ke taraf jany ko dil karta tha mera b karny lag para maine jahad par jany ka programme banaya magar meray jany say kuch din pahly Mudassar Bhai meray Neighbour mujay milay aur mujay SHIEKH G k bara mein bataya main un k sath MULTAN SHARIF jany par razi ho gaya jab main nay SHIEKH G ko dekha to meray hosh urr gay aur ankho say ansoo nikalny lag pary MASHALLAH SARKAR G par itna husan hai k ankh bhar kar dekha nahi ja sakta is waqt mein SHEIKH AMIN G ka wafadar ghulam ho agar tumhay koi problem hai to direct mujsay contect karo main tumhay har swal ka jawab saboot k sath doga q k mery pas har kitab majood hai meray numbers note kar lo 0312-3160381 0315-8009381 0346-6728114

  26. Salam Brother & sister
    Sheikha AMin Sahab Is the Massenger of HAzrat Muhamamd (S.a.w).Nabi Karim (S.a.w) ke zamaney me b log hazrat Muhamamd (S.a.w)se iktilaf raktey they .allah ne in ki ankho pr parda dal dia tha .abi be un ki bakiyat hai .jo haqiqat ko samjti nai hai.
    Allah hum sub ko Sheikh Sahab Ka wafa me Qurban hone ka moqa ata farmay. ameen

  27. This man Sheikh Amin is not a wali for sure! Please be aware he is not a sunni as well, in-fact he is mis-leading innocent Sunnies and othe muslims by taking cover of Sufiism, he is totally wrong, he is not the one you are thinking of but is infidel for sure.
    May ALLAH AZZZOWAJAL guide us to the right path !!! Ameen.
    Muhammad Imran Qadri

  28. Hello Imran sb...!!! Only by giving the statement doesn't do anything... I can give u no. of websites where same comments has been posted about our beloved prophet Hazarat Muhammad (Sallalah aleyhe wassalam). But u know they only based on "Boogaz" (Hatred). Listen to sheikh sahib teachings and with good niyaat. Also pray to Allah with true heart to give u right direction before listening. your heart will inshallah be changed.
    I live in Kuwait have seen many people converting into Wahabhi's. They have very strong network here. But I argued with them convinced them to respect Aulliya-e-Allah in every silsila including Qadriya. But surprised to found ur people posting n different websites & couldn't understand the reason that why you people are against us. It is very hard to convince Wahabi... but u people know the basics of treeqat & silsala .... Remember no one can show u the degree/any document that he is prophet OR Wali-e-allah. This is the matter between u & ur allah. If u want to go to his path with true Faith. He(all mighty) will definitely show u the right path. Inshallah.
    Otherwise people was remained same as Abu-Lahhab & Abu-Jehal even in the time of Holy Prophet(SAW) only because of "Boogaz" (Hatred).

  29. asslamo alikum shaikh
    sahab waqt k sab me bare wali he allah tala un lambi umer de un ki saya hamare sar per rakhe .aur ager kisi ko sarkar g k bare me kuch kehana he to wo baghair dekhe un k bare me kuch na kahe.

  30. hod soo rahy ho aur hum ko keh raho ho jago jen ko Shaikh saydi je na Aqa je s-a-w ke mohabbet main dobo dia hai hum ko kio kehto ho baher ao tum yaha ao...........
    I love Sahikh Amin(RA)

  31. ghazanfar ali chaudhry from italy.aslamo alakum,main to sirf itna kahoon ga Allah aur nabi karim(s.a.w)ki mohabbat chahto ho to is buzrag hasti se guur gao .khuda aur rasool(s.a.w)ki manzal pa gao ghe.inshallah.Allah sheikh sab ko lambi umar atta kare ameen

  32. Sheikh Sahib mein aur mera pura kanjan aap per karban ke aap ke wasele se hum ko NABI Kareem S.A.W ki muhabbat mali Alhumdulila ALLAL SHEIKH sahib KO JAZA_E_KHAIR atta kare Aur mari omer be aap ko laga de Ameen ALLAH AAP ko nazer-E-Bad se bachae NABI KAREEM S.A.W ke sadke se AMEEN Ya RABULL ALAMEEN .
    husnain a.chattha

  33. hi my name is khalil qazi am from gujranwala city , i love shiekh sahib and please if you can't beleive then please don't abuse just behave yourself God know's better then us . But Our Sheikh Sahib told us the way how reach love of God & Rasool (S.A.W ).

    1. Salam o alikum

      jetna main janta hoon shaikh sb ko aap main se koi nahi janta....personaly.
      wo bat kerte hain Qurbani ki...Allah se jorne ki...Rasul pak se joorne ki...jab eehaad hota hai......leken bad main andhey ho k shaikh ameen ke pechey chaloo ka order ata hai....why. chaloo wo b man leya andhey ho k chaloo to zindagi azaaaab ku bna di jati hai...why. jetne idreeesi hain sub ko mangne ki adaat ku in k sath duty kerte hai wo apne and friends k leye shaaarab ku lete hain. un ka elag ku nahi logo shaikh sb ke sath duty kerte hain wo jhoooth ku batatey hain shaikh sb ko...apne matlab ki taleeem ku le ate hain.......ek dusre ki shakayat ku lagi jati silsala idreeesia ki yeh taleeem hai.jhooth bolo. galian do..bad ikhlaqi karo. jo log dusroo ko apna murshid mante hai un ke murshido ko galian ager shaikh sb kahte hai k nekalo to very very bad.....sorry yah phir silsila theek nahi.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Aoa all,

    I am the beliver of muhtaram seikh sb, i am the part of silsala, i love my seikh sb. All of you who don't belive in him kindly keep your view to yourself, Allah knows the better of all, he knows the reality, all i know is my seikh sb helped me a lot in understanding what Islam is, he teaches us how to love MUHAMMAD SAW, he teaches us MUHAMMAD still is the part of this world HAYYAT un NABI :) belive me the feeling that our nabi is with us all the time, he is always there to help us is such a big thing that you must realise.
    I can feel a considerable change in myself before being the part of silsala and now after being the part of silsala.
    So all you who dont belive in our silsala kindly dont speak against it.
    I love my seikh sb may Allah bless him with long and healthy life, and may we all be blessed by his taleem and prayers for long, Ameen

    1. I want contact number as well co olete adress of sheikh sahib as i want to visit

  36. AOA All,

    brothers if you have any objection and if you dont belive in seikh sb, please keep your comments to yourself, as your comments hurt me to the extent that inspite of being female, and the understanding that i would not be liked to be prited on a web page with my name, I am forced to write here.
    Please keep your comments away from this page if you dont like seikh sb.
    I love my seikh sb, and am extremly thankfull to him that he teaches us an amazing and beautifull way to love nabiSAW, and giving us the concept of hayyat un nabi, and making us feel the presence of nabi (SAW) all the time, I am greatfull to seikh sb, may Allah bless him with a long and healty life, may we all be blessed by his presence with us always. I love my seikh sb, and our silsala!!! Allah ke rahmaten aur barkaten rahen idrisia per hamysha ameen

  37. Murid's adab of a Shaikh should be based on Ayah no 70 of Surah-i-Kahaf--but only if had known this 17 years ago I wouldn't have lost the most precious thing in this universe--the current full of lutf-o-karam that I used to experience in my heart on eye-contact with Shaikh Amin Sahib--which I lost due to an act of disrepect on my part--but I did not know then what that current was-- it was what we read in books as a subject given to me as an object-- a direct experience of the spirituality of Syedna Muhammad (Sal-Allahu alaihay wasalam)--also experienced in heart to heart contact with Shaikh Sahib as a feeling somewhat akin to a feeling of cold filling the chest --so real that it would be felt on back as a kind of numbness on the back if one would sit reclined to a wall for some time--and it was no inert feeling--it formed the basis of istikhara in everyday life and would guide one exactly in accordance with shariah--but that current was perhaps a concentrated sharpened form of that feeling and wouldn't have left anything disliked by the Prophet in the heart-only if I hadn't lost it, I would have found wilayat in days or weeks, but it was not to be --I lost that current-on-eye-contact when I mentioned my love for a girl in front of the Shaikh (in the hope of his praying for our marriage) and I am still grappling with the problems of Nafs 17 years later

  38. Shaikh Amin Sahib is a fana-fi Rasul Wali-Ullah; his heart is all Noor, therefore one would find only Noor in his company, but ONLY IF DUE RESPECT IS MAINTAINED

  39. Sarkar Shaikhana is the King of all kings, the CHOSEN ONE who has been deputed by AKA GEE (SAW) as the greatest blessing of Allah.

    There is no need to proof anything, Even though its for sure that all these negative comments are based on biased and narrow minded personality of certain people that simply do not have the capability to digest the fact and are incapable to accept the truth.

    If u people don't want to accept the truth good for u. "Lakum deenankum walyadeen".

  40. The People who have non sense coments about Hazrat Sahib, should understand that This kind of Personality is a blessings of ALLAH ON EARTH. If you have dare come to Multan to See Hazarat sahib than you will understand the meanings of life on earth.

    ALHAMDU LILLAH WE are blessed people that ALLAH gave us the opportunity to meet Hazrat sahib and pray to ALLAH GIVE us more time to sit with Hazarat sahib to be benefit from HIM.

    May Allah give all of us opportunity to meet HAZRAT SAHIB.



  41. Mein tu Ashiq bana shehar e Multan mein.

    Rab ka karam Rab ki atta muj ko mila IDREESIA.


  43. aoa to all muslims ,,, i am a muslim from poland ,,, i am very sorry to say that the people who are murred of mr sheikh are really misguieded,,,sheiekh speeches are against quran and tauheed,,,i never saw ppl in era of MOHAMMED PBUH ,,,in that era there was ppl who was in darkness and never use brain no resaearch jst follow magicains etc ,,,, but now a days i can see those kind of ppl ,,who are mureed of shiekh ,,,

  44. Aslam o Alikum Brothers & Sisters mein bhi multan gaya tha tha is sheikh ke pass but i found he is on a wrong path he says many things which are totally baqwas he is only capturing innocent peoples and i must ask muslims please please 100 miles keep away from that person and whom alraedy captured they please try to get rid from that person

  45. assalm o alikum!!
    my teacher is best teacher in world.he explan every thng perfctly but at same time my frnd couldnt understnd him.....!this is not mean he is bad teacher... its mean that student is not willing to study or cnt approch tht stly!
    so dear fellows dnt be so conservtve abt any one this is teachng of OUR PROPHT PBUH.
    and SARKAR G is the holy teacher who teach me about sunnah about QURAN about ALLAH.
    i love yew sayad sheik amean.
    u r best teacher love yu alot

  46. Can Anyone Email Me Their Image So I Can Add It To My Awliya Collection.

    Please Email to:

  47. World of wonder
    just a stupid

    tumhari itni himat kaisi hui k tum ne aisi bat ki SYEDI G k bary me?

  48. i a sohail asmat from wazirabad city.i love my SYEDI G

  49. 381 tu hamesia ahabad rahey (amin)

  50. My Dear all idreesi brother and sisters mar ap sub sa request hi. is page pa comments na kara. is leya jo shaikh sab ka nhi janta wo ulti sedi bata karta shaikh sab ka dil dukhta hi un ka bara ma taleem sharif be aa ge hi. jis na nhi suni wo apni duwa wali jaga pa ja ka sun la. in sub ko pata chal jaye ga shaikh amin kon shikh sab ko nahi janta. i love SYEDI G. hum idressi badri ap ka kuta hi. ap ka leya hamri jan be hazir hi. jo other person hi jo ka bhi nhi hi. un ka comments ka jawab na do. kiu ka SYDI G na bahas mana keya hi. i love u shaikh sb.

    Naat and taleem volumes you may listen
    online,……but with good moral values. Just visit at

  52. Assalamoalaikum wr wb,

    Sayyedi Sheikh Amin bin Abdul Rahman Rehmatullah Alaih no doubt is the Sultan Al-Aulia present at the face of earth. The easiest way to Allah and his noble Prophet Sal Allaho Alaihe Wasallam.

    For his highness I will say, fraction of second is very much enough to change your world, change your heart and take you out from life of darkness. No limits to Faiz Mashallah.

    One glance of his Highness Mashallah, and your heart starts singing, Salay Ala Muhammad. Forever.

    May Allah bless him more and more.


  54. 1; bhai jan in say puchain sheikh sab logon say miltay kiyon nhin hain? 2 yeh kehtay they k un ki photo nhin khainchi ja sakti? 3 un say koi sawal kiyoun nhin kr sakta jo sawal kray us ko ye gustkh kiyoun kehtay hain? 4 koi mureed taluq tor lay to us ko bad dua kiyoun daitay hain? 5 in k mureed in ki makhsus ki hui kitabon k ilawa aur koi kitab kiyoun nhin parh sktay? 6 HAZRAT MUSA AS to RAB UL ALIMIN ki tajali bardasht na kr skay in k mureed kaisay brdasht krain gay ? umeed hai koi bhai meray sawalon k tasali bakhsh aur mudalil jawab day ga aur agar mujhay in sawalon k mudalil jawab milay to main zrur sheikh sab ki bait krun ga yeh mera wada hai us bhai say jo in k jawab day ga,,,,,,,,,,

  55. This is Waseem from Karachi, i want to meet with Shaikh Sahab, is this possible how can? please help me.

  56. Humara SARKAR JEE sb sa payara hn log jo marzi bakta rahn pr humara ya aqqeda ha aur INSHALLAH raha ga( SHAYAKH KA GERD HALLA HA EK NOOR KA AQSAA ALLAH KBI AQSAA AQA S.A.W KABI)

  57. THIS is Adil From swabi.

    Muhtarram Sheikh sahb is the bigest saint in todays world and we people should thank ALLAH that, Seikh sahb humare mulk mai hai yea hamare kushkismate hai,

    Mugai kisi nai un kai barae mai nahi kaha kai mai un sai milu Mugai Khud AQA nai 6 sal pehle kaha tha, aur mugai yea kaha hai kai jab tak mai sheikh sahb sai na milu wo mug sai nahi milaingai aur 6 sal bad mugai pata chala kai AQA mugai jis sheikh sahb ki bat kar rahe thai wo multan mai hai aur yea kisi aur sai pata nahi chala mugai yea bhi mugai jaisai 6 sal pehe AQA nai btaia tha aisi tara 1 mahenae pehle AQA kai aik aur ashiq nai mugai Sheikh sahb ki taraf ishara kia kai multan jao.... galt batein na karo sheikh sahb kai bare mai balkai shukr karo ALLAH kai kao wo humare mulk mai humare darmian mai hai.

  58. umer dont woory agar wonder world key pass ankey neahi hein tu per ham kia ker sakty hein

  59. asslam o alleiqum
    can anybody send me the pic of great shaikh sahib


  60. sheikh sab zinda bad bilkl suchy ashiq han aur in k wazaif se mujy b boht fida ho raha hai joht bol k apni jaga jahanam mai kyu banay gay hum is silsily mai such aqa g ka dakhal hai.

  61. bouhat simple si baat hay sheikh sahab ki bataon main ISHQ-E-Rasool (SalAllaho Alaihi waSallam)ki Khusboo ati hay ise liya wo Asiq-e-Rasool (SalAllaho Alaihi waSallam) hain or unhon nay jo bhi wazifa diya isu main isy kahain bhi kui baat nahi jise sai kisy ko nuqsan ya kisy ki naafi hoty ho jo paray ga isu ki ALLAH ore isu kay Rasool (SalAllaho Alaihi waSallam) ki taraf sai blesssing milain gi agar aap bhi chahtay hain tu Darood Shareef parain or apnay ALLAH ki ibadat karain ..

    kon sahi hay kon galt ya ALLAH Pak ki zaat khoob jaanti hay aap apna qeemti time ALLAH ki ibadat main saarf karain ..
    ALLAH hum sab ko jaaza-e-khair aata karain or aik sacha muslmaan banay (Ameen)

  62. ALLAH ki rabubiat
    main zindagi guzani hy to AL SHEIKH AL HAFIZ AL SYED MOHAMMAD AMIN BIN ABDUL REHAMAN ki bayat kar k SILSALA-E-IDRESIA main shamil ho kar apny dillo ko ZIKAR-E-ALLAH ur ZIKAR-E-MUSTAFA sy munawar kar do
    INSHALLAH dunia akhrat main kamyabi naseeb ho gi

  63. MASHALLAH...

  64. ya mamlay haan nazuk go tere ho wo tu ker
    k mugh ko ras na aaya ya tareeq -e- khanqahee

  65. mera leyan sirf Allah or us ka Rasool Mohammad pbuh kafee haan

  66. Salam
    Real Truth of Any Wali-Allah is that when you love that wali-Allah then your heart Drag's on Allah SWT & Muhammad PBUH.

    And my all friends i MashAllah got it from Sayyedi G.

    Jazak Allah

  67. I Love My Seydi Searkar He Is Realy Wali Ullah He Is THe Only One Of World


  69. important for all!( taking no ones side)
    agar ap bazorg logon sey opar hein to unhein judge karein warna chhor dein. we simply cannot judge that some one is a great wali ullah or not unless we are above them or better than them!

  70. History of Sheikh Amin
    I once researched about Sheikh Amin as a project in a National Security Institution (probably in 2004). Unlucky for me that I could not keep record of all the documents. However I request the readers to post such records if available with them with dates.
    Sheikh Amin worked in Madinah(KSA) as a tailor somewhere in 1980s. He was also imam of a small mosque which he used as a platform to con-cote and spread nonsense about Prophet(SAW) and Islam. He had a sizeable following but was nabbed by religious police or some govt authorities for irtedad. He would have been executed but he submitted a unilateral apology in written (Tobah) and promised to refrain from such activities (I had obtained a copy of his tobah from Ministry of religious affairs of Saudi Arabia..... Someone may please get another copy and post it here and everywhere alongwith translation so that common people may understand this fitna). However he was deported from KSA. In Pakistan he initially settled at Karachi and made efforts to redevelop his following as was back on his Shaitani track. Before he could succeed he developed some clash with ulema of Benori Town. He immediately sensed this awkward position and fled to Multan. Now he is commanding a large following including bureaucrats army and police officers (incl many generals), politicians and influentials in the society. He is a serious threat to Islam in Pakistan. I am not in a position to redo the investigation due to some reasons. I request brothers in Islam to collect data on above lines and publish it everywhere

  71. the 'wehabi' propaganda against the Shaikh only enhances his prestige - 'sufism' itself is considered heretical by the Saudis , therefore its not surprising if the Shaikh's teachings based on the love of the Prophet might have been considered a threat in Saudi Arabia

  72. it is not the Sufi Shaikh but the 'wehabi' extremism that is a threat to Islam in Pakistan and everywhere; if the Saudis had him "deported" and would have had him "executed" for holding an interpretation of Islam that the Wehabis considered different from their own, as alleged, its obvious who is the real threat! such aggressive and violent people as those who might have deported the Shaikh are a disgrace to Islam all over the world; on the other hand the Shaikh has directed his disciples to avoid all divisive arguments and not even answer the propaganda against him -indeed he is a Sufi master in the loftiest Islamic traditions

  73. Sh amin idreesi is a gustakh
    yei shasks sh amin idreesi aik gustakh e rasool hai ismaili hazara shia jo tqayya kar kay sunni bana baitha hai
    Allah azzwajal kay Rasul alaihislam ki sakht gustakhia karnay mai aagay hai.
    Allah azzwajal aisay tamam fitno say mahfooz farmaiay i request admin to remove such posts from Sunni site. for more info

  74. Salam o alikum

    jetna main janta hoon shaikh sb ko aap main se koi nahi janta....personaly.
    wo bat kerte hain Qurbani ki...Allah se jorne ki...Rasul pak se joorne ki...jab eehaad hota hai......leken bad main andhey ho k shaikh ameen ke pechey chaloo ka order ata hai....why. chaloo wo b man leya andhey ho k chaloo to zindagi azaaaab ku bna di jati hai...why. jetne idreeesi hain sub ko mangne ki adaat ku in k sath duty kerte hai wo apne and friends k leye shaaarab ku lete hain. un ka elag ku nahi logo shaikh sb ke sath duty kerte hain wo jhoooth ku batatey hain shaikh sb ko...apne matlab ki taleeem ku le ate hain.......ek dusre ki shakayat ku lagi jati silsala idreeesia ki yeh taleeem hai.jhooth bolo. galian do..bad ikhlaqi karo. jo log dusroo ko apna murshid mante hai un ke murshido ko galian ager shaikh sb kahte hai k nekalo to very very bad.....sorry yah phir silsila theek nahi.

  75. main qurban jaon apne shaikh g pe.

  76. ek sohna kudda ----- ek sohney nabi

    which tar ney-------- sohney shaikh ameen

  77. I m getting spiritual treatment from Respected Muhtaram Sheikh Sahib i m much better now. I used to go to a Peer who made me fill with evil things. Darood Pak n Wazaif are helping a lot. I want all blessings which Idreesee brothers n sisters are talking about. Please pray....i get well soon UN KAY WASEELAY SAY JO AAQA SAW KAY BOHUT QAREEB HEIN AS ALL IDREESEES SAY. I LL IA FEEL THE SAME.

  78. AOA sb logo sy guzrish hy k sb sy phle ap Ahmed ibn idrisi ur in tradition k bare m parh ly phir koe bt kre. Complete study k bad bat kre. hm sab sune sunae bato par behs krte hy aj tk kse ny books sy parha hy in k bare sirf net par jo comments hy une ko dek kr bate k hy. Ahmed ibn idrisi k bare m sb phle parh ly.

  79. Mujy AAqa g ka pta multan sy mela

  80. sheikh k gird alaa hai ik noor ka mashallah

    1. Bhai kuch bataeein UN KEY BAREY MEIN

    2. Bhai kuch bataeein UN KEY BAREY MEIN

    3. Bhai kuch bataeein UN KEY BAREY MEIN

  81. I request please Don't say wrong about Sheikh Sarkar because you know Nothing..
    you should not criticize if you want to know then come at Multan Sharif and see Everything...
    without knowledge of anything you should not say wrong About Them...
    I love you Sheikh Sahib...

  82. I request please Don't say wrong about Sheikh Sarkar because you know Nothing..
    you should not criticize if you want to know then come at Multan Sharif and see Everything...
    without knowledge of anything you should not say wrong About Them...
    I love you Sheikh Sahib...